There was a massive power cut in the UK and the internet responded with memes

Yui Mok/PA/Twitter

A massive power cut on Friday night saw electricity issues in huge swathes of England and Wales.

British transport was affected and many a commuter saw their journey home take far longer than anticipated. Hundreds were left stranded at London's King's Cross station as they tried to make their way home.

Outages were reported as far and wide as the South East, South West and North East of England. According to the National Grid the problem was caused by a failure to two generators but has since been resolved.

The British have heard a lot about the spirit of the blitz in recent times and the importance of maintaining a positive outlook in even the bleakest circumstances and in 2019 having no electricity is a completely hellish prospect for some.

That being said the Great British Public certainly don’t struggle to find the funny side of things and even the power cut led to plenty of online lols.

Here’s some of the best reaction to the outage.

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