The most expensive pokemon cards ever

A student at the University of Georgia claims to have been using a Charizard Pokemon card to get into bars and grab a beer while underage.

For those who don’t know what a Charizard Pokemon card is, it is one of the most prestigious out of any of the pocket monster collectibles.

And as it appears, it has the ability to grant younger students access to bars - perhaps due to the busy, text-heavy nature of the card.

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A report from The Red & Black, the situation was uncovered when police officers found an unnamed student who was unconscious in his dorm room, lying on his bed, while his roommate lay on the other.

An officer reportedly shook the student, but he still did not wake up. The officer also checked the student’s pulse, which was found to be normal.

After shaking him again, the student awoke and seemed disoriented, the report stated.

Officers began to ask the student numerous questions, including how many drinks he had ingested and if he took drugs.

The student said he consumed four beers and didn’t take any illicit substances.

When asked if he took any medicine, the student reportedly said he had had melatonin. The student also said he had used a “Pokemon Charizard” card to enter bars.

The report further noted that emergency medical services arrived at 1:25 am to check on the student, and he declined transport to a hospital

.Medical amnesty was also granted as a result of concerns over the student’s wellbeing and a call for medical assistance.

No charges have been made.

Elsewhere, Dexerto, a Crystal Charizard Holo Skyridge Pokemon card, was sold for $25,100 at auction.

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