Vegan 'Survivor' contestant says he'll forgive himself after being forced to eat crab

Vegan 'Survivor' contestant says he'll forgive himself after being forced to eat crab
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On an episode of "Survivor," player Hai Giang ran into difficulties with maintaining his vegan diet on the island.

During the episode, members of the Vati tribe found hermit crabs while they were in the jungle and decided to bring them back to camp.

Finding solid food on the island is a task of its own, especially protein.

Since the team hadn't won any fishing gear yet, they were over the moon that they had found crabs to eat. Well, most of them anyway.

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Giang on the other hand was forced to decide between his morals, which include veganism, and starving.

Although he initially turned the food down while the rest of his team ate, he was forced to rethink his decision.

Going into the competition, he acknowledged that adhering to vegan dietary restrictions would be tough, but players are typically given a usual allotment of rice that he was counting on.

The rice allotment, however, was not given on this season of the show.

"When Jeff [Probst] said there'd be no rice I knew I had to make a conscious decision about whether I'd eat fish or sea life," Giang said, per Insider.

According to the outlet, the last time "there was no rice given was season 41 in 2021, but players on season 42 were not able to watch it before coming on the show because the two were filmed back to back."

Giang ended up eating the crab alongside his teammates, which he said was the first food he'd had in five days. After eating, he said he felt "good and guilty" about his actions.

He added, "I believe the universe will understand in this one nuanced instance" and that "eventually" he would be able to forgive himself for not following a vegan diet on the island.

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