Watch this man get reconstructive surgery on his earlobes, if you dare

Warning: viewers of a sensitive disposition should click away to these lovely kittens

Kurt Barnett was 19 when he got flesh tunnels. "I just liked the look," he says. "So I stretched away."

The body modification practice, where you pierce your earlobes and widen them until they can fit bigger and bigger jewellery, involved a "full year of pain".

Six years and 4.4cm later, Barnett has "fallen out of love" with his flesh tunnels, mostly after having to take them out to wear safety equipment as part of his job in spray-foam installation.

The 25-year-old had them surgically removed by Dr Julie Khanna in an operation filmed by CBC. You can watch the bloody procedure from 2.08m below.

If you're squeamish, look away when you hear the words "did you just cut off my earlobe" - we cannot stress enough, this video is gruesome.

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