Picture: Ben Barrett/Graham Smith

"It really just slipped out my hands," Scott Craig explains. "But instinct kicked in and I volleyed it and it hit the corner of a wall."

The football coach has a bit of a history of dropping his phone he tells i100.co.uk, but has caught some extra attention this time after coming up with a complimentary screensaver:

Picture: Ben Barrett/Graham Smith

Craig, who comes from Kilmarnock in Scotland but has been coaching over in the US, explained to i100.co.uk that he'd had the phone for three years before smashing it.

Fortunately, he added that the phone was nearly due a renewal when he smashed it so he got an upgrade soon after. Unfortunately, he also smashed his new phone and is now back on the old one.

Nevertheless, he has remained upbeat throughout:

When I smashed it all I could think about was 'hulk smash' - his catchphrase from the comic book.

And I thought it would be funny if I could make it look as if the hulk had smashed my phone! It's been my background for a few months now!

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