Boxer Anthony Joshua cheers on powerlifter before her set

When a video filmed in the gym goes viral, most of the time it's for the wrong reasons.

Whether it be someone nearly losing their life after nearly being crushed by a barbell, or influencers being blasted for poor etiquette, it’s never normally good news, we've had plenty of anxiety-inducing clips doing the rounds recently.

It’s about time, then, that we got something wholesome.

A woman has provided just that by posting a video of her day ‘being made’ while working out and encountering some very friendly gym bros.

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Melbourne resident Angelica Salvador was putting in the hard yards in the weights section when someone noticed her hip thrusting using a bar weighted with an incredible 200kg.

After she completed her set, a fellow gym-goer noticed the impressive weights and complimented her on making it look very easy.


They made my day 😭😂 #gymtok #fyp #australia

He also asked if he could try the exercise for himself, saying: “Can I have a try? Seriously, I’ve been watching you the whole time. That’s like 200kg. I wanna crack at it. Can I try?”

“Will I pop a hernia?” he joked before strapping himself under the bar.

“Bro, she’s tougher than all of us,” someone else in the gym added, before the man attempted a set.

The man then set about trying to lift the weight, but only managed to get it about half as high as Angelica, before giving up and saying: “Hats off, man.”

The internet agreed with him, with one writing: “U SHOW THEM QUEEN.”


Others also complimented the man, with one saying: “I love that he genuinely looked like he wanted to learn/try. and he complemented you in a positive way [sic].”

“These are not gym bros but gym kings,” another said.

The wholesome clip has been seen a whopping 12 million times, and just shows positive gym moments can go viral just as much as more problematic clips.

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