Woman divorces ghost husband Edwardo and now claims he's stalking her

Woman divorces ghost husband Edwardo and now claims he's stalking her
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A woman who made headlines after ‘marrying’ a ghost has revealed her former lover is stalking her – after they famously ‘divorced’ earlier this year.

Brocarde, a singer and songwriter from Oxfordshire, fell in love with Edwardo – the ghost of a Victorian soldier – in late 2021 after he appeared in her home. But after a rocky marriage marred with cheating allegations and him often ‘ghosting’ her for days on end, Brocarde called it quits this summer, having an exorcism to rid herself of the spirit.

She enjoyed a few “blissful” months without Edwardo before becoming suspicious that the ghoul had re-entered her life – allegedly disguising himself as other identities. While the singer has been attempting to move on with human men, she claims her ex is haunting her.

“I thought that I’d started a new ghost-free chapter of my life,” Brocarde told “It wasn’t until I started to think about moving on that disturbing and creepy things started to happen.

“I embarked on a post-divorce trip to Paris to find myself and I ended up finding ‘Fabienne’, or so he called himself.

“I was walking down the banks of the river Seine chasing the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, cowing under my umbrella as raindrops poured off it, and then it struck me, glistening in a puddle – the reflection of a French man.

“I tilted my umbrella back but nobody was around, I looked back towards the puddle the man was clear as the ocean.”

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Brocarde claims the ghost appeared to be a chef who introduced himself as Fabienne and then followed her home.

She said: “A holiday romance with a Parisienne ghost [was] surely too good to be true. “He later revealed himself as Edwardo – it was a honey trap all along.

“I couldn’t believe I’d been catfished by a ghost.”

Since then, she says Edwardo has continued to harass her under the guise of being different spirits. She added: “After the French encounter Edwardo ghosted me again.

“I cautiously started to go on dates with living humans.

“I returned home from a date with a bunch of flowers, and Edwardo thought it would be amusing to pull the heads off all of the roses and scatter the petals on my bed. “He’s even learnt to play Careless Whisper on the saxophone – I mean, at least I think it’s him, the sound echoes in the distance sometimes when I’m taking a bath in candlelight.

“He’s getting really jealous of the fact that I want to date a modern man.

“He knows I no longer find his uniform attractive so he’s going to extreme lengths to pull me in, he’s even given himself a modern make-over and presented himself as a Ken doll," she continued. "I thought I was going crazy when the image of him with cropped blond hair and a pink suit appeared, I could tell it was him though as his gaunt harrowed eyes locked into mine and slowly he merged back into a rugged Victorian soldier.”

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While Brocarde is eager to move on with a living man, she said she has been told she has a “special gift” that helps her connect with the dead. And while she is open-minded when it comes to the spirit realm, she has been left horrified by Edwardo’s antics.

The singer added: “It’s terrifying, that’s why I wanted him exorcised.

“A medium told me Edwardo would always be with me and that’s a thought that I can’t come to terms with.

“I feel now I’m not consenting of Edwardo’s presence and I’m having trouble getting him to disconnect from me.”

For now, she’s focusing on her work as a singer-songwriter, and has released a post-divorce tune ‘Just Another Anthem’.

Brocarde added: “I feel now it’s the time for me to focus on my singing and songwriting – Edwardo has provided me with a ton of inspiration, so that’s something to thank him for.

“Moving forward I feel like I need a bit of flesh on my bones. “Skeletons and dead men may seem hot but in reality, they are stone cold, unpredictable and scary.”

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