A woman has revealed the drastic measure she has taken in order to stop men from bothering her at the gym.

TikToker @blackmarketbagelsociety0 explained how she uses makeup to create fake hickeys on her neck which appear to have stopped men from approaching her and giving her unsolicited guidance about her form.

Life hack- no man has tried to correct my form since smearing brown eyeshadow on my neck like hickeys,” she wrote on her video.


Guess my form is just better this week also shout out to my team mate for this idea #howdy #gymhack #lifehack #gym

The woman appeared to be leaning over her phone to show off her neck which has two clear purple bruises which she applied with makeup.

To prove her unconventional method works, she then flipped the camera to show herself at the gym where there is no one within her space and appears pleased with this.

In her TikTok caption, the woman credited her teammate for the idea, and wrote: “Guess my form is just better this week also shout out to my teammate for this idea.”

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Since sharing her hickey measure, the TikToker’s video has received 1.6m views, over 260,000 likes and thousands of comments from people troubled by the fact women have to use these measures.

One person wrote: “Misogynistic problems require misogynistic solutions.”

“They respect the ‘man’ you were ‘with more than you as a human being which says a lot about society,” another person said.

Someone else replied: “Men will literally respect imaginary men more than real living women.”

“The fact that we have to mark ourselves like animals to get guys to stay away from us is ridiculous,” another wrote.

Other women, meanwhile, shared some of the other measures they’ve taken to avoid men approaching them at the gym.

“I bought one of those silicon wedding rings (they’re like $5) and I wear that at the gym and no one bothers me anymore,” one person said.

Another person wrote: “Sometimes I wear a silicone band on my left ring finger.”

“One time I growled at a man at the gym. He never bothered me again,” someone else recalled.

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