Woman shares job horror story after interviewer turned her down over no makeup

Woman shares job horror story after interviewer turned her down over no makeup
Woman hangs up on recruiter after learning job is six-day workweek
@laurenn_morgann, TikTok

A woman has opened up about the horrors of interviewing for jobs after she was turned down for not wearing enough makeup.

Searching for a job is hard enough, especially when young people today have to contend with people out to scam you and with massive competition for every role.

For women, the barrier of sexism also comes into play, as one TikToker demonstrated perfectly after sharing how she was rejected from a job because of her appearance.

In a viral video, TikToker Melissa Weaver explained that she recently interviewed for a job in recruitment and said it went really well.

Weaver said: “The interview went so well, every question she had, I had a great answer for. I used to work in recruitment, I know how to interview. My background and experience aligned perfectly with what the role entails.”

The TikToker was surprised when she got an email from the recruiter telling her she wouldn’t be moving on to the next round. Weaver responded and asked for feedback.


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“[The recruiter] said that, while my background was exactly what they were looking for, my experience lined up with what they need for the position, and my own personal goals and values aligned with the company’s, she was concerned that, for my interview, I hadn’t put in enough effort in my appearance, given the level of role I was interviewing for,” Weaver explained.

Weaver said she wore a nice top and a blazer, with earrings and her hair blown out. She added that she only had on lip balm, explaining she doesn’t wear makeup.

Ending the clip, Weaver asked other TikTokers for their opinion on whether no makeup should matter in a job scenario. It’s fair to say, most were appalled by what had happened to her.

“That honestly feels like discrimination. Not hiring you based on your looks?” one person argued.

Another said: “Not reasonable. Do men get refused a job because they don’t wear makeup?”

Someone else commented: “I feel like that’s gender-based discrimination and you could sue.”

One TikToker said: “My question is: is that legal?!”

Another argued: “Pretty privilege is real, unfortunately.”

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