Top 10 AITA Stories On Reddit

On Reddit, if you're looking for a second opinion on whether or not you're the as*hole in a certain situation, you're sure to get a strong response from users.

After one woman stole her friend's family recipe, she took to the popular Reddit forum known as Am I the As*hole? to ask just that.

Here's her story:

She started off by explaining that her friend hosts "dinner parties" with their friend group. When her friend, who she calls Sam, first started this tradition, she was apparently a bit disorganized, leading the poster to jump in and help out a bit. Sam, however, never let her do anything major while she was helping and let her do smaller tasks such as "things like processing ingredients, stirring, and cleaning."

Eventually, Sam got the hang of things and no longer needed her help. During one instance, the poster recalled that her friend had made her family's secret chicken casserole recipe which she said she "only makes it once or twice a year, always around the holidays, because it was special."

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The Reddit user then shared that she was able to remember it because she was "helping Sam out with the side dishes when she made it and because I have a really good memory."

"It was pretty easy for me to reconstruct the recipe," reads the Reddit post, "I made it for myself a few times, and after tweaking it a bit, I was satisfied that I'd gotten it right."

Of course, when the Redditor got around to making the recipe for her family, word got back to Sam that her friend was using her family's secret recipe, and she was not pleased.

"I told her it's just chicken casserole and not worth screaming at me for, but she just called me a word that rhymes with bunt and then disinvited me from all future dinner parties," she wrote.

So is she the as*hole? Reddit users seem to think so.

"I was so completely with you until your last sentence, 'It's just a stupid recipe.' To Sam, it's not. Please be more sympathetic. Even though you did nothing wrong, and are basically NTA here, that was an AH thing to tack on at the end of your post," wrote one person.

Another said, "I don't know the social rules about family recipes so whatever on that part but why not just ask her for the recipe? It is a bit weird in my opinion to help someone and then recreate what they are doing behind their back."


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