An online dating blunder left one woman red-faced after she sent the wrong voice note to one of her promising Tinder matches.

In a viral clip that has racked up almost a million views, Paolo (@ayopaolo) shared his friend’s hilariously awkward mishap to TikTok.

Paolo wrote: “When my friend’s Tinder match sent her voice note.”

Vanessa then played the voice note from her promising Tinder match, which said: “Hi Vanessa, this is Alex, nice to hear your voice before, whereabouts are you staying in Vancouver?”

Paolo explained that Vanessa wanted to send an appropriate response, but instead, ended up sending the wrong voice note.

“She wanted to respond and accidentally sent this,” he said.

Vanessa somehow managed to accidentally send a four-second clip of her and her friends erupting into laughter.


A snapshot at Vancouver’s dating scene #fyp #tinder #fail #vancouver

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Fellow TikTokers found the ordeal hilarious and inundated the viral clip with savage responses.

“That is the correct response,” one candidly said, while another added: “HAAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA THAT WAS A VALID RESPONSE.”

Some people claimed to have had the exact same experience, with one saying: “I MATCHED WITH THE SAME GUY THAT SENT THE SAME MESSAGE!!!”


“LMFAO I KNOW THAT GUY OFF BUMBLE,” one said, while another wrote: “I swear I matched with the same guy.”

While another advised, “UNSEND BESTIE UNSEND U HAVE 7 MINS” – but it was seemingly too late.

The clip blew up on social media, prompting the pair to upload a second video to explain the context.

In the follow-up TikTok, Vanessa wrote: “I’m sorry you’re going viral lol.”

“I meant to say something but then it just sent. I thought I had a re-do.”

Alex responded with: “Haha thank you for the free exposure.”

Vanessa concluded that Alex later blocked her.

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