Man quits his job 'with style' by announcing it over store speaker – and rolling away in Heelys

Man quits his job 'with style' by announcing it over store speaker – and rolling away in Heelys
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Generally, when quitting a job, a simple resignation letter and an exit interview will suffice. But not for one guy, who made a public announcement over a supermarket speaker instead.

"Attention senior managers, Kevin, Don and Zachary, I quit," he announced. "I'm done, I just can't take it anymore. Your lack of hours and pay are making me poor. I'm about to walk right out that door, but not before I hear you all over the floor, that's right. That's me, Ryan."

"I'm gone, peace out y'all," he signed off.

The clip, which was originally posted to YouTube and has since resurfaced on TikTok, shows the employee taking a sigh of relief and humorously saying his goodbyes to co-workers.

On the way out, Ryan passed one of his managers and asked whether he was still required to clock out.

"Before I fire you, yes," the manager quipped, before Ryan hit back: "Oh, I already quit."

The manager told him to leave the store and that he was not "welcome back anymore".

Ryan responded: "I mean what can you expect, with zero and four hours? I worked eight hours last month. How do you expect me to pay bills working eight hours?"

The manager said his hours were "based on performance" before calling him "unprofessional" for recording his announcement, to which Ryan said: "I'm quitting – but with passion."

Ryan then proceeded to roll out of work on his Heelys.

Quitting my job with

The original clip racked up a staggering 11.3 million views on YouTube, with one joking: "He probably earned more from this video than his entire career at [the company]."

"I like how he didn't disrespect anyone or hurt anyone," another wrote. "He just made an honest announcement, in a humorous way, and left the store without any altercation. A+."

Meanwhile, the footage made one viewer feel nostalgic about their time working in retail.

"In a weird way, seeing him interact with his coworkers made me miss working in retail," they said. "Don't get me wrong, the pay and mistreatment sucks, but the friends you meet are the genuinely good people you want to keep in your life forever."

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