World's tallest woman reveals unique way she has to travel on planes

World's tallest woman reveals unique way she has to travel on planes
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An airline was required to remove six seats from a plane to make room for the world's tallest woman.

Measuring seven feet, Rumeysa Gelgi has been recognised for her height by the Guinness World Records since she was a teenager. Gelgi has a condition known as Weaver syndrome, which causes accelerated growth among other symptoms

Last year, Gelgi took to Instagram to praise Turkish Airlines for their hospitality during a flight from Turkey to San Francisco.

"This will be my first flight as well as my first travel overseas. But I believe that this experience will be a first for many individuals, not just me," she wrote at the time. "Because, as you know, the option of travelling as a stretcher passenger is generally reserved for patients who are being transferred from one intensive care unit to another.

"It is an alternative for patients who are referred from one hospital to another and need an ambulance.

"However, because I couldn't sit for lengthy periods of time due to my scoliosis, or spine curvature disorder, I had to fly on a stretcher."

She later went on to share a few snaps of the journey while thanking the crew on board.

"A flawless journey from start to finish. There are so many people I have to thank.. @turkishairlines officials and staff, @igairport staff, @airclinic team, all cabin personnel, especially our cabin chief, @flysfo officers and medical team, customs police and many other departments that I can't count."

She continued: "This was my first flight, but it certainly won't be the last. From now on, I will be very honoured and happy to fly to different parts of the world with @turkishairlines."

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