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These are the drinks bartenders wish you’d stop ordering

These are the drinks bartenders wish you’d stop ordering
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Bartending definitely has its perks. You get to strike up conversations with regular patrons and people from all over the place that are passing through, mix delicious cocktails, and much more.

Although fun, there can be hardships faced as a bartender. Some people can get belligerently drunk and want to fight and a quiet weeknight shift can be a disaster for tips.

But one thing that really grinds their gears are making specific drinks - for a variety of reasons.

They responded in their droves to a recent Reddit thread asking them to weigh in on the world of mixology and the drinks they would rather not make if they could.

If your drink is on the list, maybe just grab a beer next time...

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1. Flavored Gin

”Not a bartender anymore, but those stupid flavoured ‘gins’ that resemble more of childrens packed lunch fruit juice than a gin,”u/SuperSaiyanFupaFlump.

“When life gives you lemons crack open the gin.” But at least flavored gin has a bit of pizazz to it.

2. Espresso Martinis

“Espresso Martinis, had to make 30+ in one night a few years ago for a large office Christmas party dining at our pub. Ever since then the idea of making them fills me with loathsome dread.” — u/Cole1995.

According to Vogue, word around the street is that the first espresso martini was created in the 1980s by Dick Bradesell at Fred’s club in London. A model walked up to the bar and asked for something that would “wake me up, and then f*ck me up.” And that may be right. A combination of coffee and alcohol seems to be oddly fascinating, but a faff to make.

3. Old Fashioned

“(I wrote it wrong in my previous message) is basically bitters, oranges, those hella sweet cherries and sugar muddled and usually the alcohol of choice is whiskey. I don’t like whiskey and muddling that stuff was so sticky. Mojito’s are a pain but I prefer it, used to be the cocktail I was best at making”.—u/MissVikingKing.

Yeah, sticky fingers in always a drag.

4. Blue Motorcycle

“It’s basically a Long Island iced tea but with a few ingredients swapped so it’s blue. If someone orders this you know they are trying to get F****D UP but also be fancy and show everyone how cool they are because they ordered an extravagant drink.”—u/AEIOU_occasionally.

What’s wrong with a little blue in your drink? Asking for a friend.

5. Unicorn Juice

“At our bar we have this drink called unicorn juice that’s basically 5 different types of syrup with a shot of rum that’s layered to look like a rainbow. Such a bitch to make and so expensive for only 1 shot of alcohol.”—u/SomeKid1990.

Taste the rainbow. Actually, that’s skittles. Anyways, despite it being a pain, it’s probably nice to look at.

6. Red Bull and Vodka

Apparently ordered by annoying, unimaginative people.

7. Mojitos

“The mojito effect. You make one pair of women mojitos, two others see them and order them, and then a group of four, and so on. And suddenly you’ve spent a half hour muddling fresh mint and nothing else is getting done.”—u/callmesnake13.

Excuse us, but Mojitos are a perfect blend of minty lime deliciousness over rum and ice! But, we can understand that it could take some time muddling the mint.

8. Sangria

“Sangria. It’s not gonna be made very well because I’m throwing it together when you order instead of letting it all meld for hours, it’s as overpriced as anything else on the drinks list. It’s a sure sign that you either barely ever order drinks (not necessarily a bad thing) or you’re definitely gonna compare it to that one sangria you had in the Dominican. Not a big deal, just a pet peeve when I worked bar. We didn’t make the thing properly, so it just amounted to “find every fruit in the bar and add some, then pour in wine and OJ and whatever liquor I don’t even remember. And that was spec.”—u/Spartan05089234

Every drink is special in its own way. No need to compare—too much!

9. French 76

“Possibly my least favorite drink of all time. This is a bastardization of the French 75, which swaps the gin for vodka. This from a mixology perspective makes no sense. Gin provides or floral, or herbaceous note to citrus and sparkling wine, all things that work. Vodka simply takes away the any subtle gin flavors and swaps them out for the taste of...alcohol. At this point you’re just an alcoholic who has ruined their glass of prosecco. Totally judge the f**k out of anyone who orders it.”—u/wolfman411.

Well, at least they're honest.

10. Shots of most things

“Shots will cause more grief than drinks. You want a single marijuana milkshake? Alright just kinda a pain but oh well. But the worst though is the “I want something strong, but still tastes good, but strong you know?” “So you probably want Burt Reynolds?” “No stronger than that!” “So Sour Jack?” “No Jack, but still strong!” “Tequila?” “Not that strong silly! Amber, what did you get? I’m getting us shots, what kind should I get? Let’s get like, f****d tonight!” Meanwhile, I’m standing there like an idiot waiting to make a drink while other customers are getting pissed “I know let’s get Burt Reynolds those are always good!”. I smile and make the shots while screaming on the inside.”—u/Jels_Yags.

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