22 awkward photos not of Ed Miliband

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It wasn't just bacon sandwiches catching people out in 2014.

1. Kim Jong-un


Look closely at the animals. Awkward.

2. LeBron James


Basketball star LeBron James broke protocol by putting his arm around Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.

3. Vladimir Putin and China's first lady, Peng Liyuan


At an Apec summit meeting in November, Putin suddenly stood up and draped a large jacket around the first lady’s shoulders… only for her to subtly slip it off moments later and have it replaced by a neareby aide. Footage of the chivalrous incident was later censored by Chinese state broadcasters.

4. Avril Lavigne

Her meet and greets look fun.

5. Hassan Rouhani

The Iranian president posted a rather depressing image on Twitter of him watching a World Cup game, alone.

6. Sasha and Malia Obama


Barack Obama's daughters at the “turkey pardoning” ceremony ahead of Thanksgiving at the White House. A Republican aide later resigned after criticising the teenagers.

7. Bill Clinton


Bill Clinton did not realise this woman was taking a selfie. The picture inevitably found its way on to Reddit.

8. Patricia Hewitson


Pensioner Patricia Hewitson contacted BBC Radio Devon asking them to help her identify this mystery weed. It turned out she had unwittingly grown a 1.5m cannabis plant.

9. Francois Hollande


In January Closer magazine broke the news that the French president was having an affair with actress Julie Gayet.

10. Boris Johnson


Boris Johnson delivered part of his speech to the Conservative Party conference this year with the aid of a brick. “Behold this brick, amigos,” he said.

11. Tony Abbott


The Australian prime minister was accused of embarrassing an entire nation after posting this picture with Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe on his Twitter account.

12. David Cameron and Jean-Claude Juncker


This was their first face-to-face meeting after Cameron - unsuccessfully - tried to prevent Juncker from becoming European Commission president. This was, we think, a failed attempted at a high-five.

13. Miley Cyrus and her sister Noah

14. James Corden and Prince

15. Nick Clegg and Vince Cable


Never before have two colleagues looked more ill at ease with each other in a pub.

16. Prince Charles


Knife dancing with the Saudi royal family in Riyadh is not a good look.

17. Angelina Jolie and Amy Pascal


Angelina Jolie came face to face with Sony's Amy Pascal two days after an email rant about the actress was leaked to the international press.

18. David Cameron


What's the best way to demonstrate that power is just an illusion? Hashtag activism from the prime minister on Andrew Marr's sofa.

19. Angela Merkel and Benjamin Netanyahu


This picture of the German chancellor and Israeli prime minister speaks for itself.

20. Victoria Beckham and Samuel L Jackson at Wimbledon


As does this.

21. Tony and Cherie Blair


Of all the photos they took for their Christmas card, this was somehow the best one.

22. Putin, Merkel and Sepp Blatter at the World Cup final


Says it all really.

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