A quite spectacular typo from the Washington Post

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The Washington Post has been forced to correct one of its online articles after appearing to confuse the Prince of Wales with Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams.


An article on the paper's website on Tuesday, ahead of the historic meeting between Charles and the Irish republican leader, read: "Prince Charles has always denied he’s a member of the IRA."

After being spotted by Post readers and people on Twitter, the article was taken down from the site and republished with the below clarification.


It is, of course, Gerry Adams who has had to deny being a member of the IRA - something he reinforced after the meeting between the pair in Galway.

The paper subsequently explained the error had, in part, been due to an "experimental partnership" with - whose name appears on the byline of the article.

"[We] removed this post initially to investigate the issue with the vendor,” a spokesperson for the paper told the Washingtonian, before it was corrected and republished.

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