This man made an island paradise gym out of rubbish

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Forty-three-year old Alcindo Almedia Soares loves to exercise.

However Santa Maria, Cape Verde, did not have a “place for it” so he decided to make one using rubbish left on the beach.

Picture: Roger Serrasqueiro/Vimeo screengrab/(pictured) Alcindo Almedia Soares


In a short film by Roger Serrasqueiro, he revealed that it was too expensive to build a “normal” gym on the islands. So, he made economic use of the bits of wood, tubes and miscellaneous pieces that washed up on the shore, or were thrown carelessly on the beach, and made his own.

With a background in construction, Soares was able to assemble the gym with ease.

It’s free, you can train as much as you like, there’s nature, sun, and the beach…it’s much better.

Picture: Roger Serrasqueiro/Vimeo screengrab


He was also motivated to build the outdoor area because it would clean the beach, which encourages holidaymakers to visit.

Tourism is essential to these islands.

The area is available to everyone, and, he says, after people finish their workout, they can go for a dip in the sea. 

Picture: Roger Serrasqueiro/Vimeo screengrab


You can watch the four-minute film, below:

Tud Dret - Alcindo from Roger Serrasqueiro on Vimeo.


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