Black customer captures footage of repairman threatening to ‘beat him like a f**king slave’

A Black man in Arizona has recorded the shocking moment he was racially abused by a repairman who threatened to beat him "like a f**king slave."

The incident reportedly took place in Avondale, Arizona, on 20 January when a man confronted Ricky Barnes, an Air Force veteran who had called the repairman to inspect his broken refrigerator.

However, the visit soon turned sour when the repairman allegedly became 'irate and loud' after he refused to fix the refrigerator because it was in Barnes's garage. In the description on the YouTube video, Barnes admits that he could sense something wasn't quite right when the repairman starred at his Mercedes-Benz car "as if I shouldn't have one."

Barnes insisted that the warranty that he had on the appliance allowed for it to be in the garage and was attempting to contact the warranty company to clarify this. On this note, the man became angry and said that "I am not fixing a damn thing." At this point, Barnes asked him to leave his house.

This is where the threats of violence and racist remarks started to come out. Barnes writes in the YouTube description:

"As he was walking away, still in my garage, he said, "I will kick your ass"! I said, no you will not, not in my home. He then said I will beat you down like a slave"! Now that is where I almost lost it, however, I knew if he is the racist he is displaying, he will repeat that same asinine racist statement again. As I was attempting to turn on my phone, he said, " I will come back to your home and kick your ass."

In the video, the man can also be heard yelling that he will beat Barnes "like a motherf**ker" and "like a f**king slave."

According to a report by Phoenix New Times, Barnes later phoned the company that that repairman represented but was told to instead contact the warranty company.

Barnes has since filed a report with the Avondale Police Department who are investigating the incident and is working with a lawyer on the case. A rally, demanding justice also took place on 1st February outside of Avondale City Hall.

Speaking to Phoenix New Times on 29 January, Barnes said:

"If any company is going to try to protect anyone who has used racial slurs, [they] are just as equal as the individual who came by my home. I can’t believe that place of business is in operation."

ABC 15 reports that police tracked down the repairman on the day of the incident but there have been no further reports as to whether an arrest has been made or not. Daily Dot notes that the company has been inundated with negative reviews on Yelp since the story emerged. The company also has several bad reviews from customers dating back to 2013, describing it as the 'worst service I have ever received."

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