Aubrey Plaza pranked her White Lotus co-star into believing he was being harassed by a witch

Aubrey Plaza Talks Joining 'The White Lotus' Season 2 Cast

Aubrey Plaza has a weird way of passing time on set.

In a profile for GQ, the actor revealed she pranked her The White Lotus co-star Adam DiMarco into believing he was being harassed by a witch, because why not?

Plaza stayed in the Four Seasons San Domenico Palace for five months while filming the second series of the comedy drama.

So naturally it didn't take long before she started leaving reed diffusers arranged in a large Blair Witch–style symbol on the floor of DiMarco’s dressing room and her own.

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She escalated the prank by slipping “ominous messages that read here lies…” under people’s doors.

The hotel staff said they knew it was Plaza and offered security footage but she swore it wasn’t her and said it was her Italian co-stars who have similar hairstyles.

She even convinced DiMarco over bottles of red wine that it wasn’t her. “Adam was so innocent, like a baby bird," she said. "It was really sick, what I was doing to him. I got him to the brink of a psychological break.”

Despite the elaborate prank, she said she is “so much more normal than people think I am."

“Look at me, I’m eating yogurt,” she added, proving her point.


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