Brooklyn Beckham's latest recipe compared to chicken dinosaurs

Brooklyn Beckham cooks roast dinner

Brooklyn Peltz-Beckham cannot catch a break.

From photography to fashion styling to cooking, the 23-year-old constantly gets criticised for his endeavors with people accusing him of being untalented.

So, of course, Beckham was subject to disparaging comments about his culinary skills after sharing his vegan lasagna recipe on Instagram.

In his Reel posted on Thursday, Beckham showed how he makes his vegan lasagna by cooking eggplant, onion, garlic, and a meat substitute with a pre-made sauce then layering it between lasagna noodles in a dish, covering it in a cheese substitute, and baking it in the oven.

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The straightforward recipe seems like a great alternative to a meaty lasagna, but fans quickly pointed out that he did not include seasonings and failed to exhibit some pro-cooking skills.

“Very basic and literally zero finesse,” a commenter wrote.

“Pretty awful in my opinion. Pre-made tomato sauce and no bechamel or bechamel equivalent. Even you didn’t seem to really be enjoying it,” another person criticised.

Given Beckham’s history of sharing “easy” recipes, some compared his culinary skills to that of chicken nugget dinosaurs.

“Next week little Brooklyn will be making dinosaur chicken nuggets,” a commenter wrote.

As a well-known nepo baby, many have felt Beckham's hobbies have been elevated to a semi-professional level thanks to connections from his world-famous parents.

He often faces more criticism and bullying online than other people online due to his celebrity status.

Some came to his defense, saying the young aspiring chef was just trying out recipes and showing people his hobby. Others commended him for trying a vegan version of lasagna.

People will cooking experience shared their tips to help Beckham elevate his vegan lasagna.

“Great but you should of laid the pasta first at the bottom then the sauce,” one commenter said.

“Looks delicious! I’ve got a little tip. After cutting them, If you soak the eggplants in salted water just for a few minutes and then squeeze the extra water before the oven, it prevents eggplant’s bitterness,” another person suggested.

“Never never cut the basil with a knife! use your finger ! if you use the knife the basil will become black,” a person wrote.

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