Brooklyn Beckham's new culinary video is somehow less impressive than his G+T clip

Brooklyn Beckham's new culinary video is somehow less impressive than his G+T clip
Brooklyn Beckham shares his gin and tonic recipe

Brooklyn Beckham shared a new cooking video of himself getting back to the basics by boiling spaghetti on the stove - and it's somehow even less impressive than his gin and tonic video.

On Monday (12 December), the aspiring chef and son of David and Victoria Beckham shared a video on his Instagram Stories of a clear glass pot with boiling water and pasta.

This all comes days fans mocked Brooklyn for filming himself making super-easy cocktails.

In November, the celebrity was showing viewers of Bustle how to make a lychee martini and a gin and tonic.

"I love trying to make new drinks, trying new recipes, you know I'm a nutter in the kitchen, he said in the video.

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To create the gin and tonic, Brooklyn uses Monkey 47 Gin, cucumber, rosemary, mint, lime, tonic water, and ice.

"Bloody amazing," Beckham said before showing viewers the step-by-step guide for how to make the drink.

Still, the recipe amused people, with many pointing out how the recipe is pretty much the same for most versions of the cocktail.

One person on Twitter wrote: "I absolutely love the dreadful Brooklyn Beckham gin and tonic video."

"I am obsessed, I mean utterly obsessed, with Brooklyn Beckham calling himself 'a nutter in the kitchen' and then making a gin and tonic with none other than cucumber AND lime, ladies and gentlemen!

"It brings me so much joy. I love this nepo baby energy so much," another quipped.

Brooklyn has delved into many career paths, including being a former wildlife photographer and monograph author, to name a couple. However, his path to the culinary arts has been rather hit or miss.

The celeb has been mocked for making a fish and chip sandwich, complicating it with a bunch of herbs.

Brooklyn was also mocked when he appeared on NBC's Today Show to cook a British breakfast sandwich.

But he didn't actually cook anything - he simply removed the pre-cooked meat from the pan, put the sandwich together, and added tomato ketchup on top.

Last week, Brooklyn also happened to share a video of himself on his Instagram feed making an ambitious tuna fish and cucumber salad meal.

Brooklyn seemingly won over people in the comments, with many thinking he should open up a restaurant.

Elsewhere, in an interview with Bustle, Brooklyn noted that he enjoys cooking but admits he is "not a professional chef."

"Obviously, my dad knew what he was doing at a very young age. I've only been doing cooking for not even three years," he said.

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