Inspiring clip of defiant Bruce Willis goes viral after dementia diagnosis

Inspiring clip of defiant Bruce Willis goes viral after dementia diagnosis
Bruce Willis says 'nothing will keep me down' in resurfaced clip

Following Bruce Willis’ dementia diagnosis, people have resurfaced a clip of the actor giving an inspirational speech attesting to his strength.

On Thursday, Willis’ family announced the 67-year-old actor had been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia (FTD) after suffering from aphasia for the last year.

The heartbreaking news sparked a flood of loving messages toward Willis and his family from fans and fellow actors.

And in the celebration of Willis and his career, fans have found a clip of the actor attesting to his strength and determination during his roast in 2018.

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Willis subjected himself to The Roast of Bruce Willis for Comedy Central where Edward Norton, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jeff Ross, Demi Moore, and more joked about the legendary actor.

During his roast, Willis spoke about the reason he allowed himself to be roasted by his colleagues.

“Nothing can keep me down,” Willis started his speech.

“I’ve been attacked by terrorists, asteroids, film critics, music critics, restaurant critics, divorce lawyers, male-pattern baldness, and none of it - none of it stopped me because I am still Bruce f***ing Willis.”

The roast audience went wild for Willis’ determining statement and so are people now.

While known for his performance in beloved movies like The Sixth Sense, Pulp Fiction, and Die Hard, the actor was known professionally for some less-beloved movies.

He was often subject to criticism and mockery for choosing to take on roles in low-budget, independent action films.

But regardless of the technical feedback, fans of Willis will always love his action films.

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