Charli XCX moved to tears by introverted young boy's ideal party wish

Charli XCX moved to tears by introverted young boy's ideal party wish
CharliXCX Does Recess Therapy

Charli XCX couldn't stop the tears from flowing after a young boy shared what his ideal party would look like.

The '360' singer and "professional party girl" is set to release her sixth studio album brat on June 7, and ahead of this she recently appeared in the video series Recess Therapy where she and host Julian Shapiro-Barnum discussed the topic of partying with the youngsters.

Some of the kids described what parties they've been to, what their perfect party be like, as well as showing off their dance moves in the park.

In contrast, one young boy named Leif appeared to represent the introverts among us as he revealed that he's not a fan of parties.

“Everybody’s so energized. I don’t like being energized," Leif admitted.

Shapiro-Barnum then asked Leif “If you had to throw a party, or you had to go to a party, what would that party be like?”

To which, Leif responded, “Do my own thing," an answer Shapiro-Barnum noted "I think a lot of people watching this are going to relate to that also."


Introverts Unite✊🫣 Full episode with the AMAZING @Charli XCX in bio! All in anticipation of her amazing new album Brat!!✨🌸

Charli was seemingly one of them as she teared up at Leif’s adorable answer.

“Charli, does this resonate with you?” asked Shapiro-Barnum.

“Yeah, it really does,” she responded. “Sometimes you just want to do your own thing.”

Since the video was released on Monday (May 27), viewers have been flocking to the comments to similarly share how they can relate to Leif's comment.

One person said: "Charli crying over the heavy metal kid. Honestly I'd like to give him a hug but I also think he would hate it."

"The kid who doesn't like parties is me. a one-person party is the best kind of party," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Leif representing all us introverted Metalheads who don't like to party and plug their ears when they hear techno-pop music."

"Lief is iconic, he's cooler than all of us, love that guy," a fourth person commented.

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