Charlie Puth puts Benny Blanco's number on a billboard in retaliation for mean TikToks

Charlie Puth says Elton John told him his music 'sucked'

As part of an ongoing TikTok battle, musician Charlie Puth put music producer Benny Blanco's phone number on a visible billboard on the route to Coachella this weekend.

Blanco, 34, posted a TikTok on Monday explaining that he got texts from people who saw his number on a large billboard posted on interstate 10 the road that takes people from Los Angeles to Indio, California where Coachella is held.

The large white billboard featured nothing but large black text that read, "benny blanco (703) 456-2758".

Upon learning of the billboard, Blanco's team reached out to the company that put the billboard up and informed them they had not approved of the billboard. The company replied with an apology and informed them "This was signed off and paid for by Charlie Puth."

Puth's, 30, prank on Blanco seems to be in retaliation for the many videos Blanco posts making fun of Puth's musical style.

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@charlieputh took it too far this time

Fans of Puth and Blanco found the prank very funny.

"W Charlie Puth," a commenter wrote.

"charlie puth: 1 benny blanco: 0," another added.

Often the 34-year-old record producer will post duet or stitched videos making fun of Puth's TikToks.

Puth is known for his perfect pitch, a rare ability to match pitch perfectly without the assistance of musical instruments. The 30-year-old will often share how a song sounds in his head then create it using actual instruments and everyday sounds.

But Blanco finds joy in posting videos making fun of Puth's videos.


#stitch with @charlieputh

Back in November Puth posted a video in which he called out Blanco for the mean-spirited videos.

"These videos were really funny at first, I don't exactly know why you've been so mean to me these past couple of months but it does genuinely hurt my feelings, I used to look up to you and I don't know where all this is coming from," Puth said in the video.

But it seems the online battle between the two is just a joke.

During an interview with Mix 104.1 in January, Puth told hosts, “I know just as much as you do. I was gonna ask if you knew anything else. I thought we were friends… I still think it’s for fun, but what the hell do I know?”

It's unclear if the TikTok battle is real or just a joke between the two old friends. But Puth's prank did force the music producer to change his number.

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