Google searches for 'how to make sex more interesting' have risen by 5,000% during lockdown

Lockdown is a strange time.

And if social media to be believed, it’s been a very horny time too...

But now a new data-led study has confirmed what we suspected by analysing Google search data to uncover which searches have decreased and increased during lockdown. To absolutely no one’s surprise, the study revealed more people are searching about sex than before.

The numbers

Searches for “how to make sex more interesting” have increased by a massive 5,000 per cent since everyone became trapped inside.

Searches for how to “spice things up in bed” were also up 3,250 per cent.

What does Google suggest?

There’s lots of content online telling people how to spice things up in the bedroom. Popular suggestions include “innovative tools” (which sounds a bit intimidating), new positions and, of course, good old-fashioned bondage.

Not everyone’s horny, though

On the opposite side of the coin, how to “get in the mood” for sex have jolted up 5,000 per cent and “how to increase sex drive” shot (pardon the pun) up too.

What do we think is driving the searches?

These stats come after it was revealed that sales of sex toys have massively inflated (again, pardon the pun) in recent weeks.

Possible reasons for this could be people shacked up with partners looking for ways to connect sexually in new ways or pass the time. Or it might just be curiosity.

Either way, it’s comforting to know that it’s going to take a lot more than a life-threatening global pandemic to stop the human libido.

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