Elon Musk unfollows Grimes after she appears to announce new boyfriend

Elon Musk unfollows Grimes after she appears to announce new boyfriend
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Musician Claire Boucher, aka Grimes, seems to have announced a new boyfriend on Instagram, which has led to Elon Musk unfollowing her on X / Twitter.

Musk and Boucher are currently locked in a legal battle for the custody of their three children.

But 36-year-old Canadian EDM artist Boucher recently posted three pictures on the social media site with the caption 'Beauty and the Beast'.

They show her being intimate with a man, with the second one of them kissing.

While the man hasn't been tagged in the post, it's thought to be 35-year-old DJ Matteo 'Anyma' Milleri.

Grimes has had a lot of support on the post, with comments on it including 'girlie this is a HUGE step up', 'Elon found dead' and 'whoever that is, it's a f*****g relief to see'.

And now it seems Musk, 52, has unfollowed Boucher altogether on his social media site X / Twitter.

It's reported Boucher and Musk first went public with their relationship in 2018 and dated on-and-off until March 2022, when Boucher announced the breakup on X / Twitter.

Shortly afterwards, it was found out Boucher and famed military leaker Chelsea Manning were dating; Musk then shared a transphobic meme which many interpreted as a dig at Manning who is openly trans.

That didn't last long (they broke up in the summer) but while Boucher maintained she and Musk were amicable co-parents throughout 2022 and most of 2023, things took a turn in September.

That's when Boucher publicly pleaded for Musk to 'let me see my son'.

So with the ongoing custody battle, and seeing Boucher post about her new boyfriend online, it seems Musk hasn't taken it too well and has unfollowed her.

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