Every celebrity that has slammed Instagram's latest updates

Every celebrity that has slammed Instagram's latest updates
Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri responds to criticism over app changes
Twitter/Adam Moss

Instagram is widely known as a photo-sharing platform, so when new updates to the app were introduced that focused on videos celebrities, almost in unison, rose up and declared their anger at the changes.

Many users have commented on how their feeds are filled with more video content, noting a similarity to social media rival and video-based app, TikTok.

And it's set to stay this way as it was announced last week that videos on the gram will automatically become Reels and videos have become full screen, The Vergereported.

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Due to the uproar Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram, has responded to all the criticisms regarding the recent updates.

"There's a lot happening on Instagram right now," he said in a video.

"We're experimenting with a number of different changes to the app and so we're hearing a lot of concerns from all of you."

He went on to explain the new full-screen version of the feed is actually a test to a "few percentage of people out there" to see if a full-screen experience is "more fun and engaging," clarified it is "not yet good" so wouldn't be implemented to the rest of Instagram until it is at a "good place.

Of course, Instagram is a social media network beloved by celebrities who are able to build a platform for their fans to post photo-based content - so this move towards video hasn't gone down too well.

Here are all the celebrities that have slammed Instagram's new updates.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has given her verdict on Instagram's updates - and she's not impressedPhoto by MARIA ALEJANDRA CARDONA/AFP via Getty Images

As the platform's second most-followed person (behind footballer Cristiano Ronaldo), Kylie Jenner has been vocal in her criticism of Instagram.

In a story to her 360m followers, the reality TV star and businesswoman urged the platform to revert back to prioritising photo-sharing as it used to be sharing another person's post that has asked for the same request.

“Make Instagram Instagram again,” the post reads. “(Stop trying to be tiktok i just want to see cute photos of my friends). Sincerely, everyone.”

"Pleaseeeeeee," Jenner added in a plea to Instagram bosses.

Given the financial impact the 24-year-old had when she dissed the multimedia messaging app Snapchat back in 2018 where the company lost $1bn in a week, it's certainly not a good look for Instagram.

Kim Kardashian

"Pretty please:" Kim Kardashian has begged Instagram to not become like competitor TikTok(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue)

With 326m, Kim Kardashian is also a popular figure on Instagram like her sister - but she too has echoed her disappointment at the app's recent updates.

The 41-year-old shared the same post-Jenner did urging to "Make Instagram Instagram again," and added the plea: "Pretty please."

The Change.org petition related to the original post has over 140,000 signatures.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter express her disappointment with InstagramPhoto by ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Safe to say, Chrissy Teigen has given the thumbs down to Instagram's new video-based focus - as she told the Head of Instagram on Twitter.

The 36-year-old model and TV personality directly replied to Mosseri's explanation behind the changes and wrote: "we don't wanna make videos Adam lol."

This soon spurred a conversation between the two as Mosseri replied: "If you don't want to make videos, it's better not to. What I want is an Instagram that is about photos who prefer photos, and is about video for those who prefer that format."

Teigen then explained to Mosseri how she couldn't see any of her friend's posts: "I guess for me it’s not just that I suck at making videos. It’s that I don’t see my actual friend’s posts and they don’t see mine, and I see the same people over and over and over then the feed goes 'you’re all caught up!'"

"Friends post a lot more to stories and send a lot more DMs than they post to Feed," Mosser said in response and recommend for Teigen to add her friends to her favourites to avoid missing posts.

"To be clear though, we try and show photos and videos from your friends at the top of Feed whenever we can," he added.

Though Teigen still expressed her dissatisfaction and noted that people she knows that "post a lot" to stories are "the ones that know their photos get no engagement any longer."

"The only people I know that post a lot to stories are the ones that know their photos get no engagement any longer so they are doing the thing they find second best. If photos got the engagement they wanted, they wouldn’t do so many (mostly uneventful) stories," she wrote.

"If photos got the engagement they wanted, they wouldn't do so many (mostly uneventful) stories," she concluded.

Lily Allen

Lily Allen gave a hilariously sarcastic response to Instagram's new updatesPhoto by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Lily Allen is known as an outspoken popstar and she didn't disappoint when she shared her thoughts on the matter via Instagram itself.

In an 18-second video post, Allen sported a pair of sunglasses as she stared at the camera with a blank expression on her face for the clip's duration.

For the post caption, she sarcastically wrote: "so happy that this app is officially prioritizing videos and reels in the algorithm now. i don’t feel like pictures convey enough of my personality so really looking forward to coming up with some fun vignettes and hopefully growing my engagement."

The amusing post had her followers in stitches with celebrity pals such as Lindsay Lohan and Daisy Lowe commenting with laughter emojis in response.

While also in the comments section, one person wrote: "The level of dryness in this humour pleases me."

"It's hard out here," another person replied, in reference to the singer's song of the same name from her third studio album, Sheezus (2014).

As the Head of Instagram has indicated there is a move to video-based content, perhaps we'll see some more celebs protesting against the move in the future.

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