TikToker records sexist comments she gets while playing Call of Duty – and they’re horrifying

<p>TikToker @xmarieangel has to deal with relentless misogyny from fellow gamers</p>

TikToker @xmarieangel has to deal with relentless misogyny from fellow gamers


A gamer has shone a light on the sexism she experiences when playing Call of Duty (and, spoiler alert, she’s amazingly talented.)

Twitch and TikTok user Marie, who goes by the name Marie Antoinette (or @xmarieangel), posted a six-part video series of recordings showing how fellow-players’ react to her skills, and then to finding out that she’s a woman.

“Oh my, he’s so good,” one guy can be heard saying, before another shouts: “Duuuude,” with awe.

“Bro, this is f***ing not real, right?” says another, before Marie laughs: “It might be…”

In a second video she shows how her playmates responded to discovering she’s not actually a “he”.

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“Why are you so cracked?” one player asks Marie, to which she responds: “I don’t know.”

Another male voice then says: “Holy s***, I’m uninstalling. I died to a f***ing female.”

In her third video, a player says that Marie’s “gotta be a fat b****,” adding: “Ain’t no cute b**** that’s that good at COD (Call of Duty). If you’re cute, I’ll be surprised.”

In the fourth installment, men can be heard sounding genuinely astounded that “she’s a girl”, with one describing her as a “god” and asking: “Can I marry you?”

One male gamer said she couldn’t be “cute” if she was that good at COD

Viewers of the clips, which have each racked up millions of views, have shared their repulsion at misogyny she has to suffer.

“Why is it still a THING for men that women don’t game?” one TikToker asked.

“Everyone plays some kind of video games now.”

Another commented: “That’s why I stay muted because I would cry.”

“Why do they always have to go for what the girl looks like? Jesus,” added another.

While another pointed out: “They’re just saying that because they feel inferior as a man.”

Keep showing them how it’s done, Marie.

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