David Cameron is the most liked party leader this Christmas, apparently

Would you believe us if we told you that David Cameron has been more liked during his ten years as Conservative leader than his Labour and Liberal Democrat opponents?

Well, Statista has compiled YouGov's public ratings – which analyses the statistics relating to leaders of the three main political parties on a monthly basis – and found that there have been fewer highs and lows with Cameron than there were with both Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown.

In fact, Cameron – who became party leader on 6 December, 2005 – has been liked - or "less disliked" - 72 per cent of the time, while Ed Miliband came second in the poll having been liked for 24 per cent of his tenure.

This isn't to say Cameron came up trumps every time; the prime minister did spend brief periods with a lower rating than the Labour and Lib Dems' former leaders respectively.

Currently, however, Lib Dems' Tim Farron sits lower than his Conservative counterpart with a mean rating of just under 4 (out of 10) while Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has a measly 3.5.

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