Jake Paul claims to have had a FaceTime call with Donald Trump
Al Bello/Getty Images for Triller/Jake Paul/Instagram

Jake Paul, possibly one of the most detested people on the planet right now, has apparently spoken with another one of the planet’s most hated individuals: Donald Trump.

The controversial YouTuber turned boxer and an all-around professional troll has only seen his fame increase in recent months thanks to his antics in the boxing ring that have been made possible by the Triller social media app.

Now Paul has managed to get a private conversation with the former president – or that’s at least what a picture on his Instagram suggests.

The 24-year-old posted a picture on Tuesday of himself standing next to a list of things that he has achieved in the last two weeks.

The first entry on that list is ‘Face timed Donald Trump’. Low and behold the next picture on the post is a screenshot of Paul on a call with Trump, who appeared to be on a private jet at the time.

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The other pictures in the post are of him boxing and at other high octane events. We do feel like Paul could do with some downtime as his life seems to have no let up whatsoever.

It’s hard to tell how legit this picture is as, after all, Paul has previously pulled off pranks involving Trump lookalikes.

Yet, as Jezebel points out, Donald Trump Jr did promote Paul’s fight with Ben Askren on 17th April so we dare say that someone from one of their teams managed to exchange phone numbers.

Anyway, don’t be shocked if you see a Trump turn up at the next Triller fight club event.

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