<p>Jake Paul has branded accusations of sexual misconduct ‘100% false’</p>

Jake Paul has branded accusations of sexual misconduct ‘100% false’

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Controversial YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul has again been accused of sexual misconduct.

A second woman – actress and model Railey Lollie – alleges that the 24-year-old was inappropriate towards her back when she was still a minor.

It comes just weeks after TikToker Justine Paradise released a YouTube video in which she accused Paul of forcing her to perform oral sex on him.

Lollie, who is now 21, claims the pair first worked together when she was 17 and said Paul often described her as “jailbait” -  a term used for someone who is under the age of consent.

She also accused Paul of forcibly groping her in 2017 when she was underage and Paul was 20 years old. Lollie claims that when she told him to stop, he ran out of the room.

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She stopped working with Paul shortly after the incident.

Speaking to the New York Times, the 21-year-old said: “I was with Jake for months, and I saw what kind of person he was behind the scenes and what kind of person he put out to the rest of the world.”

Earlier this month, fellow accuser Paradise posted a YouTube video titled Trigger Warning: Jake Paul Sexually Assaulted Me.

In it, she explained that she was invited to hang out with a friend at a studio which, upon arrival, she realised was the Team 10 house, where Paul lives.

After describing an encounter in which Paul allegedly kissed her – something which Paradise said she was “fine with” - Paradise went on to detail a later incident in which she claims the vlogger took her hand and walked her to his room.

“We were dancing in his room, like ballroom dancing, and then we were like, kissing and stuff, and then he took it to his bed,” she said.

She continued: “Every time he would try to put my hand places or try to put his hands places that I didn’t want, I would just move it away and be like, ‘no’, and just (go) back to kissing.

“Then at one point, he said, ‘if nothing is going to happen, then what’s the point’,” she claimed.

Paraside then alleged that once Paul got up from the bed, he “undid his pants and grabbed my face” to perform oral sex.

“I couldn’t even tell him not to, he didn’t ask for consent or anything. He knew I didn’t want to do anything with him because he said, ‘if nothing’s going to happen then what’s the point’,’” she added.

In the wake of Paradise’s allegations, Paul posted a lengthy statement to Twitter branding the claims “100% false”.

He said he would “fight to the end to prove his innocence” and acknowledged: “This isn’t the first preposterous allegation made against me in my career and it most likely won’t be the last.

“As someone who has lived in the spotlight since the age of 16, dealing with liars, fake news, and false accusations unfortunately is a part of this job. I won’t back down from it and years from now my character as an individual will show and shine through these dark moments.”

He has yet to comment publicly on Lollie’s accusations.

Indy100 has contacted Jake Paul’s legal team regarding the most recent allegations made by Lollie.

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