Keanu Reeves has revealed his dream Marvel superhero role

Keanu Reeves has revealed his dream Marvel superhero role
Keanu Reeves reveals his dream Marvel role

Keanu Reeves has revealed what superhero he would love to play on the big screen.

"Ten-year-old me would want to — I think he'd probably want to be Ghost Rider," the John Wick actor told Jimmy Kimmel in an interview.

Reeves made the reference to Marvel Comic's motorcycle-riding tough guy, also known as Johnny Blaze.

Nicolas Cage assumed the role in the 2007 film and its 2011 sequel, which wasn't a part of Marvel's Cinematic Universe.

At the moment, there are no plans to reboot the films.

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The Matrix legend also linked his love for comic books to his "nerdy" side as a child after Kimmel suggested that he was a nerd.

"I might've lost my nerd card when I got older because when I was younger — I was pretty freaking nerdy with the comics," Reeves said.

Kimmel eventually made another point on the show and said that because Reeves is now in his 50s, he's really a "nerd."

"Alright, man, I'll be a nerd!" a laughing Reeves admitted.

Speculation circulated about Reeves joining the Marvel Universe in 2019 when Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige hinted at the acclaimed actor playing in a Marvel film when he figured out the "right way to do it," ComicBook.com reported.

Reeves, who is Canadian, also spoke about his decision to move from Toronto and his plans to become a US citizen, which is something he is interested in.

"Absolutely. Yeah, man, why not?" the actor said, before quipping that he would send President Joe Biden a copy of Reeves' comic book, BRZRKR, in an attempt to speed up his naturalization process.

The 12-issue comic book series, published in March 2021, was written by Reeves and chronicled the story of Berzerker, an immortal warrior born 80,000 years ago who fights his way through the ages.

And in 2021, Netflix announced that it's making a movie and anime series based on the Reeves BRZRKR comic, where the actor will play a significant role in both the film and series. A release date hasn't been revealed as of yet.

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