Kim Kardashian West wears culturally appropriative earrings to sell beauty line
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Kim Kardashian West is under fire after sharing photos in which she’s wearing earrings styled as the “om” symbol, a sacred part of the Hindu tradition.

She was immediately admonished for cultural appropriation, because the head of the Kardashian clan does not practice the Hindu religion, and seems to have nothing to do with it.

The use of other culture’s norms and traditions in order to shift proucts - in this case, her beauty line - is offensive and disrespectful, and Twitter users were quick to point out that it’s not okay.

“Is now a good time to mention that the Om is a sacred symbol to Hindus and not just an accessory?” wrote Ria Sen in a popular response to the tweet.

“She really out here appropriating culture and religion like it’s a hobby,” wrote the account lue. “Do some basic research the Om symbol is scared and it’s not anaesthetic.

Rajan Zed, who positions himself as a leader in the Hindu faith, wrote in a statement on his personal website that “such trivialization of Hindu symbols was disturbing to the Hindus world over.”

“Hindus were for free artistic expression and speech as much as anybody else if not more,” his statement continued. “But faith was something sacred and attempts at trivializing it hurt the followers.”

Kardashian West does not appear to have responded to any of the criticism.

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