Liam Payne's comments about One Direction bandmate Zayn Malik leave people reeling

Liam Payne's comments about One Direction bandmate Zayn Malik leave people reeling
Liam Payne takes swipe at former bandmate Zayn Malik over Gigi Hadid ...

Liam Payne is facing the wrath of Twitter after "talking s***" about his ex-bandmates, claiming that he is the most successful of them all and criticising Zayn Malik.

Liam joined Logan Paul on his the latest episode of his podcast 'Impaulsive', and made some statements that have not gone down well with fans. A video of the podcast posted on the Impaulsive YouTube channel has now gained over 400k views.

One Direction was a British boyband that shot to fame on the X-Factor in 2010, before the members moved on to their solo careers in 2016, with Zayn leaving the group in 2015.

When asked about arguments and fights within the group, Liam reveals that a physical altercation did in fact take place between him and an unnamed band member.

"One member in particular threw me up a wall", recounts Payne, "so I said to him, 'if you don't remove those hands there's a high likelihood you'll never use them again'."

Liam Payne sat down for an interview on Logan Paul's podcast, Impaulsive. Impaulsive / YouTube

Logan Paul then brings up the altercation that his brother, Jake, had with Zayn Malik on Twitter back in 2020. Jake called out Zayn in a tweet for "basically [telling him] to f*** off for no reason when I was being nice to him." The supermodel Gigi Hadid jumped to her then-boyfriend's defence, telling Jake to "go to bed" and that Zayn had no desire to "hang w [him] and [his] embarrassing crew of YouTube homies".

Commenting on Hadid calling Zayn a "respectful king" in her tweet, Liam says "that one didn't age very well", making reference to Zayn allegedly attacking the model's mother, Yolanda Hadid, in 2021.

The singer continues, saying "there's many reasons why I dislike Zayn", but then appears to backtrack a bit by saying that Zayn has been through a lot with his parents and his "growth".

"You can always look at the man for where he is and say: ‘Oh yeah, whatever, that guy’s a d**k.'"

Twitter has since exploded, with people dragging Liam through the mud.

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A lot of people are paying particular attention to Liam's claims that his first solo that hit 1 billion streams outsold all of his other ex-band members, despite him being the last to leave.

The One Direction lads have enjoyed extremely successful careers inside and outside of the band. But, it isn't hard to image that Liam's career is about to hit a pretty rough patch, as he might have just supremely messed up any chance he had of *actually* outselling everyone else.

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