Martha Stewart visited the Kardashians and appeared to know barely anything about them

Martha Stewart visited the Kardashians and appeared to know barely anything about them
Khloe unrecognizeable at lunch w/ Martha Stewart

Culinary legend Martha Stewart hung out with the Kardashians in a recent episode of the clan's Hulu show - but she appeared to know barely anything about them.

Kris Jenner invited "Martha f****** Stewart" over to chat about pet peacocks, attempt to cheer Khloé up, and have some lunch together.

Like many around the world, Kris and Khloé are fans of Stewart. Kris also didn't hesitate to share her excitement about the celebrity, asking, "Can you guys believe it?!" during her confessionals.

"I'm probably Martha Stewart's biggest fan, which is a little scary for Martha," Kris continued as the camera showed Stewart and her assistant walking to the house.

Khloé was just as excited as her mom, saying, "I just don't know how Martha Stewart is at my mom's house. What is happening? What universe do we live in? I love Martha Stewart!"

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However, Stewart didn't seem as obsessed with the reality show family as they be with her.

When the trio sat down to eat their salads, Martha turned to Khloé and said, "I don't read and watch all the stuff. So do you have a husband?"

Khloé said that she didn't and that she broke up with Tristan Thompson.

"He had a baby with someone else while we were together. We had to kick him out."

After taking in the pregnancy bombshell cheating/pregnancy bombshell, Stewart simply said, "That's not nice."

With her calm demeanor and blunt delivery, Kris and Khloé laughed and reiterated the statement.

"That's not nice," Khloé said. "That is not nice," Kris laughed.

And before pulling out her bag full of lovely peacock photos, Stewart said a final "That's not nice" for the camera.

The Kardashians air on Thursdays on Hulu.

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