Matt Walsh will get $100k if he stops misgendering Dylan Mulvaney

Matt Walsh will get $100k if he stops misgendering Dylan Mulvaney
US conservative Matt Walsh claims that he would 'rather have kids in …

American right-wing political commentator Matt Walsh has claimed that misgendering Dylan Mulvaney has cost him $100,000k and he will only get it back when he stops.

Trans activist and actress Mulvaney has been in the firing line of the right-wing rage outrage after she was featured in a collaboration with the beer brand Bud Light.

Walsh made the revelation during a talk he gave at The University of Iowa, in which he claimed his YouTube channel was demonetised by the platform.

In a clip shared on Twitter, Walsh claimed his YouTube channel was making over $100,000 per month, but says monetisation was stopped for repeatedly attacking Mulvaney, violating their times of service.

He added that he would be able to get monetisation ability back once he stops misgendering Mulvaney, who is a transgender woman.

Walsh claimed that such actions are “institutional efforts trying to silence me and us”.

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He said: “YouTube has decided that I’m not allowed to use biologically accurate language when discussing Dylan, or presumably any other trans-identified person.”

Walsh added: “So, if I simply respect the preferred pronouns and I stop accurately gendering people, then I can likely continue to do my show on the platform and get re-monetised after a short probationary period. And I can continue making over $100,000 a month on YouTube ads.”

On Twitter, many people were shocked to learn how much money those making this type of content are able to make.

Streamer Hasan Piker wrote: “It’s profoundly profitable to do content around hate speech no matter how much of an uncharismatic cretin you are.

“Mind boggling that youtube even let him monetize his vitriolic anti-trans screeching in the first place.”

Another said: “A reasonable person might ask why a man who does no actual work & contributes so little to society would be earning that much.”

Someone else pointed out: “You really gotta love the way he describes how YouTube doesn’t give people a reason when they ban so they can be purposefully vague… and then immediately goes on to list the three reasons YouTube gave him rendering the point entirely f**king false??? Huh?”

Walsh appears to have made a career out of transphobia, previously falsely stating that “millions” of children are on hormone blockers and further pushing the anti-trans agenda he makes money from.

His Twitter account was recently hacked by an anonymous person named Doomed, who said: “The intent was to make funny tweets, as Matt Walsh likes to ‘trigger’ people.”

During the hack, they posted tweets that were out of character for Walsh that included him criticising other controversial right-wing figures.

One tweet about Ben Shapiro read: “You Know What You Did, You Are A Closeted Homosexual And Hide Behind Being Jewish.”

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