Tony Robinson thanks Miriam Margolyes for "the high point of my sexual life"

Tony Robinson thanks Miriam Margolyes for "the high point of my sexual life"
Miriam Margolyes reminds people to wash their genitals

Miriam Margolyes was surprised when her friend Tony Robinson reminded her of a "sexual encounter" they previously had that she had forgotten about.

During the first episode of Robinson's podcast Cunningcast,the Blackadder actor took a trip down memory lane by questioning Margolyes if she could recall "our sexual encounter at Leicester when we first met”.

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The two starred in a play together, and Robinson explained what happened just before he entered the stage.

“I was in the wings, waiting to go on. And suddenly you put your hand down my trousers and tickled my balls," he told Margolyes.

"I never did!" an astonished Margolyes replied, which caused a chuckle from the host as she added “Why would I lie about a thing like that?”

Robinson then when into more detail as to what was he was thinking when the sexual encounter occurred.

"I remember how split down the middle I was because a part of me thought, ‘oh my God, this is fantastic’. Nobody ever, just out of the blue does that to me. I must just squeeze every inch of pleasure out of this possible.

“The other part of me was thinking, ‘in about nine seconds, I have to go on stage’."

As he continued his point, Robinson noted how “nowadays people would say that you sexually harassed me."

But the actor insisted: “It wasn’t like that at all as far as I was concerned. Looking in your eyes, it was the funniest joke possible.”

“How very unprofessional of me, I am now apologising for that era, but I can’t remember it,” Margolyes said in response: “I’m so glad you remember it.”

“It was probably the high point of my sexual life,” Tony quipped.

As the interview continued, Margolyes - who is known for her candid honesty - opened up about how she feels about sex.

“I don’t think about sex," she said. "However, if I’m on a tube – which I’m not now very much, because I’m frightened of Covid – but when I was on tubes, I always looked at men’s trousers to see where their c***s were.

"So there’s still a… I don’t know… a little fragment of sex left in me.”

“Although you became a committed lesbian quite early in life, you were still looking at where men’s c***s were?” Tony asked. “But what do you think that is? Just curiosity?”

“I think it’s curiosity,” Miriam agreed. “And also a rather charming sense of wonder. It’s so interesting to me that you have c***s and balls. Something that hangs outside of your body. Extraordinary."

“So I think I’m still a bit amazed and rather thrilled. Something so different.”

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