Morrissey just called Covid ‘Con-vid’ and likened lockdowns to slavery - and fans aren’t impressed

<p>“It has brought the worst out in people, and we weren’t ever in this together”</p>

“It has brought the worst out in people, and we weren’t ever in this together”

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In a rare interview, the former Smiths singer, Morrissey, has branded the pandemic “con-vid”, while likening lockdown life to “slavery.”

In true Morrissey style, the 62-year-old singer-songwriter took to his official website and shared his unfiltered thoughts on Covid, cancel culture and his upcoming album, Bonfire of Teenagers.

When nephew, Sam Esty Rayner, asked why poorer parts of British society are taking Covid society ‘lying down’, Morrissey responded:

“Because they are quite used to the political scene being dominated by someone whom they can’t stand.”

Morrissey calls out the pandemic as \u2018con-vid'Morrissey calls out the pandemic as ‘Con-vid'Getty Images

He then suggested that the past 18 months have brought out the worst in people, due to creating an even bigger societal division. He said:

“The bigger problem is that nobody can any longer agree with anyone else, and this is the main outcome of Con-vid. It has brought the worst out in people, and we weren’t ever in this together”, he said.

The former Smiths frontman was then quizzed on whether he believed there was light at the end of the lockdown tunnel. In an unfiltered response, Morrissey suggested that there are exceptions to the rules for those towards the top of the social ladder.

The 62-year-old said \u201cyou can\u2019t cancel someone who has always been cancelled"The 62-year-old said “you can’t cancel someone who has always been cancelled"Getty Images

He said: “It isn’t really in lockdown except for people at the lower end of the social ladder...

“People who have wealth are not remotely affected by rules and regulations”.

He added, “The police only fine people who live on council estates. Haven’t you noticed?”

When Rayner said, “Covid Society is also the precise description of slavery”, Morrissey simply replied, “Precisely.”

“And more people are now forced into poverty which is another form of slavery, as is tax and Council Tax and all the other ways in which we are pinned down and tracked...

Our present freedom is restricted to visiting supermarkets and buying sofas. The government act like Chinese emperors… “We will allow you live as we do if you behave yourself”, he added.

Twitter, however, was not impressed with the singer’s remarks.

One described him as ‘delightfully odd’.

One highlighted the rollercoaster ride of emotions of being a Morrissey fan.

One pointed out the irony of the Morrissey store selling Covid masks.

Later in the interview, Rayner asked his uncle about ‘cancel culture’ to which his uncle replied:

“You can’t cancel someone who has always been cancelled. When did you last see me on television, or hear me on the radio? I unintentionally invented the condition of being cancelled!”

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