Man vomits during drunken voicemail message to... Oprah Winfrey

<p>Oprah has better things to do than listen to vomiting TikTokers</p>

Oprah has better things to do than listen to vomiting TikTokers

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Sadly, many of us will know a thing or two about sending drunken messages to a friend (or an ex).

However, not many of us can say that we’ve left a vomiting voicemail to Oprah Winfrey.

This is an exclusive badge of dishonour worn by a New Jersey man who has apologised to the superstar interviewer and actress for his stomach-churning behaviour.

As part of a TikTok challenge urging users to “show me a video telling me you’re drunk without actually telling me you’re drunk,” Ryan Finley posted a recording of himself.

A screengrab shows that the recording was sent to Oprah’s official Instagram account at 4.17am on Sunday.

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“Oprah... Oprah, I don’t feel too well,” a heavily slurring Finley can be heard saying.

He then suddenly starts vomiting audibly for several seconds before ending the message: “Oprah, I am Batman.”

Alongside the clip, he wrote the caption: “I am so sorry Oprah.”

Finley looked pretty pleased with himself as he shared the recording

His video has now been viewed more than 1.2 million times by fellow TikTokers who have asked: “What made you decide to send this to Oprah?”

One observed: “You don’t even follow her, how did you end up there?”

Another asked: “Why were you thinking of Oprah while throwing up, I’m so intrigued.”

And another user offered: “You simply needed emotional support and who is better than Oprah?”

But Finley responded simply: “I thought she’d like it.”

Unlucky for Finley, it’s highly unlikely that she’s even seen (or heard) the unsavoury voice note.

She has 19 million followers on Instagram – and doesn’t follow Finley – so it’s safe to say she has more pressing messages to attend to.

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