Piers Morgan tells Trisha Goddard 'what racism is' in furious Prince Harry row

Piers Morgan tells Trisha Goddard 'what racism is' in furious Prince Harry row
Piers Morgan clashes with Trisha Goddard over Prince Harry racism claim denial

Piers Morgan felt the need to explain to Trisha Goddard "what racism is" during a heated row about Prince Harry.

The two presenters were at loggerheads after the duke denied ever suggesting the royal family was racist during an interview with ITV'sTom Bradby about his new memoir Spare.

Referring to Harry and wife Meghan's now infamous 2021 interview with Oprah interview, during which the couple alleged that an unnamed relative voiced concerns over the colour of their son Archie’s skin colour, Bradby said: "In the Oprah interview, you accused members of your family of racism."

But the duke instantly retorted: "No I didn’t, the British press said that."

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Morgan, a notorious critic of the Sussexes, vented his fury at the denial as he debated the matter with Goddard on his talk show Piers Morgan Uncensored late on Monday.

But she sided with Harry, telling the former GMB host: "I didn’t hear Harry or Meghan use the word racism, I heard you use it, I heard the press use it, I didn’t actually hear them use the word."

Goddard also harked back to another fierce row she had with Morgan on GMB just after Harry and Meghan’s Oprah interview aired in 2021.

"What I said to you when we had that robust exchange of words, I do get fed up with other people, white people, labelling what is and isn’t racist to Black people,

She added: "If they did actually use the word racism, I would be agreeing."

But Morgan wasn't having any of it, hitting back: "I’ll tell you what racism is."

To which Goddard replied: "Oh good, let me get comfortable. Piers Morgan is about to lecture a Black woman about racism."

Undeterred, Morgan continued: "I’m about to give you an example of racism as a middle-aged white man, who I know is the enemy to you."

"An example of racism would be somebody expressing concern about the skin colour of a baby from a mixed-race marriage and when the interviewer then says if it was darker that would be a problem, yes you may think that, that is an example of somebody expressing racism."

‘To you!’ Goddard exclaimed.

"For you to shamelessly sit there and pretend that wasn’t what they meant is utter bilge," Morgan retaliated.

Goddard then noted how "If there were more Black people in the media, they may have had the opportunity to look into that and explain it a little bit more."

"I didn’t see it as racism and that’s why I got cross as you decided to label it racism."

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