Picture: Screengrab / ABC7
Picture: Screengrab / ABC7

If you were to make a list of things you'd expect the internet to be up in arms over today, pizza would probably be quite low down.

But here we are, merely days before Christmas, and the internet is split over a Pizza Hut employee who was fired for making an inappropriate joke to a customer.

Our tale begins in Virginia, in the US, where a boy ordered a pizza from the fast food chain and made a special request for his order to come with a joke.

But the joke - which was written on the inside of the box - was too inappropriate for the boy's mother's tastes. It starts:

What do a pizza delivery driver and a gynaecologist have in common?

And if you want to know the punchline that bad, you'll have to Google it, because we're really not in the market for telling misogynistic jokes.

Anyway, the mother - whose sons are both 12 and 15 - was left in shock from the joke and posted a photo of the box on social media. It sparked an outrage which even led to the Pizza Hut employee who wrote the joke calling the mother.

The mother told ABC7:

I was really shocked and floored that Pizza Hut would send that type of joke out. The employee even called and I told her that I hope she doesn't lose her job over this.

But the employee did reportedly lose her job, which has since caused a backlash on the internet.

One Twitter user said:

"It's uptight people like you that ruin the fun for everyone," while another added:

"Customer is the entitled a****** and pizza hut is cowardly af."

With the story now going viral, the mother is now saying she has become the subject of cyberbullying.

But when asked by ABC7 if she regrets causing the uproar and making the complaint, she said:

It's an inappropriate joke. There's a time and place for everything - my pizza box is not one of them. It's a lesson learned.

indy100 has contacted Pizza Hut for comment.

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