Prince Harry leaves people in stitches by juggling during Meghan Markle’s birthday video

Prince Harry has left people amused after he was spotted juggling in the background of a video celebrating Meghan Markle’s 40th birthday on Wednesday.

In a new video announcing the Duchess of Sussex’s mentorship program for women reentering the workforce, called 40x40, the Prince appeared in a window outside Meghan’s office as she was on a video call with Melissa McCarthy.

Harry was juggling limes while wearing dark sunglasses and it made McCarthy burst out laughing when she noticed.

“Oh my god!” McCarthy said while catching a glimpse of the prince.

“What?!” Meghan asked, while looking at the window and back at the computer screen and giggling as well. The film crew can also be heard in the background laughing about the incident.

McCarthy later joked about the moment on her Instagram.

“Meghan is amazing. This 40x40 initiative is incredible, but quick question... Who stuck around for the end of the video?” she wrote, adding a gif of the prince and a laughing emoji.

Meanwhile, reacting to the clips on social media, people loved the pair showing off their sense of humour:

Elsewhere in the video, the actors joked that they were getting matching tattoos and discussed the possibility of a Suits reunion.

Meghan also announced her scheme in which she will ask 40 women to give 40 minutes of their time to mentor someone trying to reenter the workforce following the Covid pandemic.

Safe to say, it was Harry who stole the show though.

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