On Wednesday a toddler committed what was probably the most daring crime of her life.

His Highness Prince Henry of Wales (Prince Harry to most) has been visiting Canada, and on Wednesday night he attended a UK vs Denmark match at the Mattamy Athletic Centre in Toronto.

A keen eyed fan spotted someone stealing his food - clearly this young one is a royal jewel thief in training.

The perpetrator was Emily Henson, the daughter of Invictus athlete David Henson.

Henson, a retired army captain, was injured while serving in Afghanistan in 2011 by when an IED exploded, costing him both of his legs.

Seated on the lap of mother Hayley Henson, young Emily makes her move, while His Highness looks elsewhere


(Not really. That's not allowed anymore, not since the Kray Twins were held there for ducking National Service in 1952).

Prince Harry, a magnanimous prince, appears not to mind when he catches Emily red handed.

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