Prince William named 'sexiest bald man of 2023' according to study

Prince William named 'sexiest bald man of 2023' according to study
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Prince William has been named the sexiest bald man alive, according to a new study based on Google searches.

Marketing agency Reboot conducted the study by looking at how many times the Royal had been searched for, alongside the words “shirtless” or “naked”.

They also analysed celebrities’ heights, net worths and how shiny their scalps are to come up with a total “sexy” score out of 10.

William topped the list with a 9.88, closely followed by actors Vin Diesel and Jason Statham, who excelled on search result scores and the “shine factor” of their heads.


Samuel L. Jackson came fourth and businessman Jeff Bezos (no, really) came fifth, with his immense net worth of $168bn pumping up his score.

In sixth place came former basketball player, Michael Jordan, who is officially the sexiest bald sports star of 2023.

With a height of 6 ft 5 and the highest net worth of sport stars on the list, at $2.6bn, it comes as no surprise that MJ, in all his bald glory, is seen as seductive, study authors said.

The top 10 and their respective scores are as follows:

  1. Prince William – 9.88
  2. Vin Diesel – 8.81
  3. Jason Statham – 8.51
  4. Samuel L. Jackson – 7.31
  5. Jeff Bezos – 7.12
  6. Michael Jordan – 7.95
  7. Dwayne Johnson – 6.90
  8. Shemar Moore – 6.75
  9. Shaquille O’Neal – 6.50
  10. Terry Crews – 6.32

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