Remembering the time Cilla Black outed an undercover journalist on Blind Date

(Picture: PA/YouTube
(Picture: PA/YouTube

Singer, television presenter and national treasure Cilla Black has died in Spain aged 72.

While she is fondly remembered for her jolly one-liners and affable demeanour, one episode of Blind Date in 1997 also proved that she was certainly no woman to mess with.

Nicola Gill, a 27-year-old journalist, had managed to infiltrate her way onto the show and was planning to write a story for Cosmopolitan about her experience.

Picture: PA/YouTube

Little did she know that Cilla had caught wind of her ploy and was going to "out" her as a fake on national television.

Well Nicola, I have to say I've got more than a little surprise for you. 'Cause I know what you're at and I feel awfully, deeply saddened by this. You don't work as a temporary secretary.

I know for a fact that you're actually an undercover journalist and you've robbed somebody of coming on a proper Blind Date. You work for Cosmopolitan magazine...

It's just a shame you tried to pull the wool over our eyes... but you didn't!

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