Rhod Gilbert fans enjoy ‘beautiful moment’ as comedian rings bell to mark end of cancer treatment

Rhod Gilbert fans enjoy ‘beautiful moment’ as comedian rings bell to mark end of cancer treatment
Emotional moment Rhod Gilbert 'rings the bell' after finishing cancer treatment

Comedian Rhod Gilbert shared an emotional moment with viewers this week after revealing that he had rung the bell signifying the end of his cancer treatment.

In a tearful video, the Welshman told a gathering of friends and family: “You’ve got me through.”

He then rang the bell at the hospital where he had been receiving treatment in Cardiff, addressing nurses and doctors by saying: “I’m ringing that bell to say thanks to you.”

Gilbert first revealed he had stage four head and neck cancer in July 2022, and has been receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy over the last year.

However, he recently received his first clear cancer scan since undergoing treatment at the Velindre Cancer Centre.

The clip was from his documentary A Pain in the Neck, which spans the year between receiving his diagnosis and getting the all-clear.

A tearful Gilbert said people had been “bringing me meals and giving me lifts [to hospital] every day” and “making me creams for my neck”.

The side effects from chemotherapy and radiotherapy are especially brutal when cancer strikes in the head and neck.

Gilbert’s entire mouth and throat became covered in ulcers, making it impossible to swallow or keep food down because of nausea.

At one point, the comedian was hospitalised because he was unable to eat, and he lost two stone during the treatment.

“When I got cancer, to be honest, I was terrified. So I wanted to do something to take my mind off it, make the whole thing feel less scary, and maybe help other people, too.

“So I decided to film it all. I really hope that my story gives you a little hope.”

Fans on social media were quick to praise Gilbert for his candour in making the show. One called the end of his treatment a “beautiful moment”.

Another person said: “Watched your show tonight and I’m so happy you’ve got through this.

“I was in the Heath hospital sat behind you and you looked so sad, so I handed you my good luck angel with peace written on it. This is such good news.”

And one other added: “My heart fell when I saw Rhod Gilbert was trending, so happy to see it’s because he had finished his cancer treatment.”

While laughs were in short supply during the year of filming, the comedian managed to fit in a couple of quips.

In Gilbert’s first chemo session, the nurse warned him about side effects, saying that he must use protection if he is sexually active.

Gilbert responded: “I’ve got one tonsil, no teeth, a f***ing feeding bag in my stomach and I’m on chemotherapy – the last thing I’m thinking of is going home for a shag.”

He had been a patron of the Velindre Cancer Centre for a decade before getting his diagnosis.

He said: “All those 10 years as a patron. I’ve heard time and time again how this place is incredible, and how people who work here are bloody angels.

“I’ve heard it so many times, and I never thought I’d experience it myself, but I have. And this place has got me through.”

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