Rob McElhenney's wife hilariously confirms rumour that he 'cheated' on her

Rob McElhenney's wife hilariously confirms rumour that he 'cheated' on her
We’re not leading Wrexham transfer plans, say Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney

The wife of Rob McElhenney has hilariously trolled gossip sites that claimed her husband cheated on her while in Wales.

Actors Kaitlin Olson and McElhenney have been married since 2008 and share two children together, with McElhenney recently making headlines after becoming the co-owner of the Welsh football club Wrexham AFC with fellow actor Ryan Reynolds.

It is during one of his trips to Wales that the gossip site PerezHilton.com published the rumour that McElhenney cheated on his wife.

Olson shut down the rumours with hilarious a comeback, jokingly writing that it was she who had an affair with an actual whale (yes, the animal).

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On Twitter, she joked: “It was me who had the affair. But it was not with someone from Wales. It was with a whale.

“I’ve always loved whales. They’re the bosses of the ocean and I’m attracted to power. We ask for privacy as we navigate this difficult time.”

The tweet sparked a whole host of marine-related puns as people praised Olson and McElhenney for mocking the baseless rumours.

One person responded: “I wish you both whale.”

Another reasoned: “I have to deduct points for not closing with ‘as we navigate these rough waters’.”

“Was it a Sperm Whale?” someone else asked.

McElhenney also got in on the action, after sharing his wife’s tweet and jokingly adding: “Sad to admit that the rumor is true. However, some of the details are…. Incorrect.”

The USA fan account for Wrexham replied: “Something tells me they are not fin-ished… moar to this story I’m shore.”

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