Australian TikToker claims he's now 'dating' Sydney Sweeney after she slid into his DMs

Australian TikToker claims he's now 'dating' Sydney Sweeney after she slid into his DMs
Beyond Beauty: Sydney Sweeney, The Internet's Intriguing 'It' Muse.
FCCE / VideoElephant

A man has gone viral for jokingly claiming he's now dating Sydney Sweeney after she slid in his DMs.

Aussie Miles Shepherd turned to TikTok to share his casual day at the beach which took a bizarre turn. In the clip that racked up four million views online, Miles was left starstruck when the Euphoria actress appeared out of nowhere.

His video not only caught the attention of fellow TikTokers and the media, but also Sweeney herself who dropped him a message on Instagram reading: "u should've said hi".

People were desperate to know what he responded – and he certainly did not disappoint by sharing that he asked her out.

His follow-up clips then hilariously joked the pair were now dating.


#goldcoast #aus #beach #fyp #sydney #sydneysweeney

"Obviously, the DMs between myself and Sydney have gone completely viral. So just wanted to come on here and tell the truth of the matter, which is Sydney and I are now seeing each other," he humoured. "And you know, the last few days has been like a movie, some would say it’s like we’re filming our own little rom-com."

"For those of you saying she’s engaged, like, I don’t see a ring on. I don’t see a ring there. So we’re working through that – that’s all getting organised behind the scenes," he continued.


Replying to @rubyxcw pressure moments. Does this stand up?? #sydneysweeney #goldcoast #beach #dm

Miles went on to jokingly ask people to respect their privacy.

The clips were soon flooded with comments from TikTokers left in hysterics.

"Well done for playing along mate," one wrote, while another added: "Can't wait for the wedding."

Meanwhile, a third said: "You’re genuinely so funny. good for you mate seriously."

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