Taylor Swift fans urged to speak out on Gaza by fans bringing Palestine flags to the Eras Tour

Taylor Swift fans urged to speak out on Gaza by fans bringing Palestine flags to the Eras Tour
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Swifties are calling on their idol - Taylor Swift - to use her massive platform to show support for Palestine.

Palestinian flags have been popping up at recent Eras Tour shows and fans and mobilising on social media to get Swift's attention to demand her to speak out on the war in Gaza.

On Twitter/X, an open letter from the Taylor Swift fandom titled "Speak Now, Taylor", a reference to Swift's 3rd studio album Speak Now, has been circulating.

"Dear Taylor," the letter begins. "As an internationally renowned and significant artists your voice has the ability to impact and draw attention to crucial problems affecting millions of people worldwide. Today, I am writing to urge you to speak out against the current humanitarian crisis and decades-long genocide in Palestine.

"The international community, including many influential voices, has called for justice and peace, yet the agony still continues."

The letter has been viewed over 2 million times.

The hashtag #SwiftiesForPalestine has also been trending. With donation pages being set up and shared as fans demand for Swift to use her influence to speak up.

Paramore, Swift's support act for her European Eras Tour, have shared donation links and support for Palestine and called for a ceasefire.

One Swiftie explained the reasoning for the movement saying, "people do NOT want Taylor to speak up to single-handedly stop the genocide. People WANT Taylor to utilise her 400M+ followers social media platforms to raise awareness to the uneducated, encourage people to donate to help Palestinians evacuate in safety."

One fan, Robin, spoke to The Daily Dotabout his disappointment in Swift for not using her fame for good.

“#SwiftiesForPalestine is showing that a huge group of people who are very different yet have similar interests are with humanity and aren’t okay with genocide,” Robin told the Daily Dot. “Me and other Swifties want Taylor to speak up, not because of our hatred for her but because we are her fans and want to know which side she is on.”

Fans have also been encouraging those who are front row at her concerts to bring signs in support of Palestine so Swift will see them.

Others have asked the crowd to chant "ceasefire now" in-between songs at her shows.

Since Israel's continued attacks, and the recent strike on Rafah, more celebrities have been speaking out against Israel including Kehlani, Dua Lipa, Nicola Coughlin and more.

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