'Taylor Swift' branded a 'time traveller' after fans spot her in advert from 1981

'Taylor Swift' branded a 'time traveller' after fans spot her in advert from 1981
Taylor Swift is now a billionaire
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Taylor Swift has many achievements under her belt, an international pop artist, Grammy Award winner, songwriter and director - but now Swifties are convinced she can add time traveller to this list.

It's all thanks to an advert dating back to the early eighties - years before Swift was born in 1989 (which we all know she named one of her albums after her birth year).

As an upbeat tune plays, the woman who has an uncanny resemblance to the Anti-Hero singer enthusiastically talks through the Glamour Gals dolls collection.

Perhaps it's the fair hair, blue eyes and bone structure that have led Swifties to conclude that the musician is a "time traveller."

(I mean, it would explain the well-thought-out Easter eggs she so loves to hide in advance for fans to find...)

"This 1981 commercial is proof that Taylor Swift is a time traveler," the post caption read.


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Since then the video clip has been viewed 2.1m times, as fans have flocked to the comments to give their verdict on how much the woman in the ad looks like Swift.

One person said: "Wow it does really look like her."

"Doppelgängers are wild!" another person wrote.

A third person added: "I just had to take off my glasses for a better look. What??!!"

"Pretty SURE that's not Taylor pretty sure [that is] someone else that looks like her," a fourth person commented.

Someone else replied: "Proves clones can be recreated at any age."

"You're reaching too far! Clearly, that's not her geez," a viewer said.

The idea of Swift being a time traveller is an exciting albeit unrealistic prospect since the woman in the advert who resembles the singer is in fact actress Toni Hudson.

Now 62 years old, Hudson starred in the 1985 film Just One of the Guys as the character Denise.

Meanwhile, Swift is preparing to continue her international Eras tour with three concerts in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 9, 10 and 11.

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